Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

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Sunlight Blossoms By SunlightBlossoms Updated Jul 27, 2018

Dana Prince is not at all accustomed to the high school hierarchy. She's spent her life on movie sets and pedestals, practicing her vocals and playing hooky from her managers.
  One day, she decides she wants to experience that magical (mostly miserable) part of life every other normal teenager gets to have, and so she goes undercover at Lakewood High as "Anna Black."
  Little did she know how intimate her high school experience would be until she runs into Wesley South, who's more than happy to give her the full ride.
Wesley rolled his eyes and shook his head, staring at Anna in complete annoyance.

"Take a picture. Make it last longer."

Anna scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I would, but animals are scared of flash photography."

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