What's wrong with secretary Kim?

What's wrong with secretary Kim?

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mayflower By mayflower4989 Updated May 27

When Lee Young-Joon, a filthy rich, narcissistic, good-looking CEO of Yumyung Group learns the fact that his trusty secretary Kim Mi So, who has worked by his side for the past nine years, wants to quit, he gets quite a shock. Determined to keep her by his side, Lee Young-Joon offers her many things, yet she refuses each time. As time passes, he becomes more and more stubborn and upset. Frankly, he should have let it go. He shouldn't care all that much. He could just find another, right? But there is this nagging feeling who is haunting him. And all those feelings aren't only bringing sadness with them, but old memories he does not want to remember, too. You see, there is much more to Lee Young-Joon than what meets the eye. 
And as far as Kim Mi So knows, Lee Young-Joon is only trying to keep her by his side for his own benefit, the narcissism getting the best of him. But she, too, has memories of her own. And once she starts digging through them, maybe the thought of staying doesn't sound as bad. But is the only thing keeping them together, memories? Or does something else form along the way?

This book is based on the Korean TV series "What's wrong with secretary Kim?" and follows the (hopefully) exact same plot and characters as the series. The content written is my own, but not the plot and characters. I hope you enjoy this book, and let yourself become lost in the story as the characters develop before your eyes.
Thank you for reading. 

Read at your own risk. I wouldn't recommend this book to readers aged 15 and under.

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