The Wolf Shifter's Choice

The Wolf Shifter's Choice

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Kuro X Reader

You all know about the Servamps, but nobody knows about the Wolf Shifters. Servamps are the only ones that can have an Eve. Wrong. The Wolf Shifters can too.

You know the 8 Servamp Sins already, but what about the 8 Wolf Shifters of Emotion:

Nathan of Fear 
(Y/N) of Anger 
James of Sadness
Ashley of Joy 
Ethan of Disgust 
Kayla of Surprise 
Sophia of Trust 
Jasper of Anticipation

It is not know if any of the eight have an eve, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. 

The two species do not have a very good relationship, in fact they despise each other. This has obviously caused disputes throughout the years. 

(Y/N) is the Wolf Shifter of Anger and as her name states, anger is her most dominant emotion. Naturally, she has a close relationship with Her brother Ethan due to the similarities in their emotions. 

However, over the years the Shifters have become separated and more distant. (Y/N) now lives alone on the streets in her smaller Wolf Form. This is so humans think she is simply a dog which makes her life a lot easier. 

One day she was walking around as usual looking for food when carelessly crossed a road without looking. This resulted in her being hit by a car, injuring her severely. A school boy rushes to her aid and takes her to his home. 

Who is this boy?

Why is his cat so familiar?

Find out in The Wolf Shifter's Choice!


I do not own Servamp or any of the Servamp characters and pictures used in this story. 

I only own the storyline between You and Kuro along with The Wolf Shifters Of Emotion and any extras that may be included. 

This story will mostly follow the Anime and Manga in some areas. 

First published: 20th September 2018

Completed on: ~~~~~

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{Wolf Shifter Series #2}

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