The Wolf Shifter's Destiny

The Wolf Shifter's Destiny

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AngelBlade By NicoleC2000 Updated Jul 09, 2019

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Levi X Reader

(Y/N) lives peacefully in the forest of 'Big Ass Trees'. Titans don't take any notice of her and that's probably due to he not being human. She is in fact a Wolf Shifter. 

When she was just a pup her parents and older brother were unfortunately killed in a Titan stampede. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but (Y/N) blames their deaths on the humans in green capes. If they hadn't have been on one of their expeditions, then the Titans would not have been drawn to that location. 

Ever since that day, she has stayed in her wolf form, never taking on her human form again. Eventually, she became more wolf than human, forgetting things that come naturally to the average human. 

(Y/N) avoids the humans at all costs, as she fears she will lose her life too if she gets too close. However, with so many expeditions she was bound to be spotted a few times. 

Rumours of a giant wolf spread within the regiment, until their commander decided to take a small group out to investigate. 

Will they find what they are looking for? 

Or will the search amount to nothing?


I do not own Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin or any of the characters and pictures used in this story. 

I only own the storyline between You and Levi and any extras that may be included. 

This story will mostly follow the Anime and Manga in some areas. 

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