His Rejection Killed Me...Almost.

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Jessica By iheartZaynM Updated 2 months ago
The constant pressure to be perfect the tormenting, the name calling...that's what pushed her over the edge. Kate Mauren is the daughter of the Alpha of the Midnight Star pack. Her brother avoids her at school because she's classified as a 'nerd', when she's actually just intelligent. Her mother only let's her eat once a day because she thinks having the perfect figure is the most important thing, and her father constantly calls her a failure and a disgrace to their family. When she finally meets her mate, Captain of the rugby team and Alpha of the Shadow Valley pack, he rejects her to spare his reputation. Sick of just sitting and taking everything anyone throws her way, she ties a noose around her neck, slits her wrists and jumps. Unfortunately for her, Fate has another plan and let's her live. She wakes up to a whole new side of life, a side where people actually care for her, where people look at her...a place where she's wanted.
ohhh... male eh?
                                    is he hot?
                                    is he single?
                                     COULD THIS BE A SHIP OR NA?
*holds back laughter cuz I don't like them even tho it was funny*
can't u just be happy she even changed? I would've been like " Yeah I'm wearing this"
I thought that to! Then I kept reading and went "oh, okay...that's not what he meant. Good."
At least he was nice enough to tell her it has wolf's bane and give her gloves...... to bad he's still a dick
oh for a second there. That he was basically telling her to commit suicide you know here are some gloves, theres a rope downstairs, a cliff nearby or just very sharp kitchen knives your choice