Home Is Where She Is

Home Is Where She Is

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Katie By Katie02003 Updated Apr 20

Percy was betrayed by his home and family (on the godly side). Disowned by Poseidon and forced into hiding from the gods, Percy ran away with his remaining friends only to discover the truth about himself.... Now he's back to save the world from his youngest son, End. Follow Percy along with his friends and his past wife, current girlfriend, back to the world of betrayal. Can he forgive those who betrayed him and move on???

Even though this is a Percy betrayal story, there are some stuff you need to know.
1) Chaos is mentioned and might appear (I am not sure yet)but he does not save Percy or come with the offer of joining the army/ being his son etc....
2) I've seen many crossover stories related to Percy Jackson and wanted to try one of my own... I had watched an anime called Cardcaptor Sakura and am going to bring the clow cards from that into this story (even if you have not watched it, it doesn't really matter)
3) This is not a Percabeth story but please don't skip the story because of that... For all you know it may be interesting and you may like it...
4) I do not own Percy Jackson or the characters in this story (except one or two that I have come up with), that claim belongs to Rick Riordan. The story may seem similar to other betrayal stories because I got the idea from there...
5) This is the first time I'm writing a story so it may not be perfect but please give it a shot and read it. If you like or enjoy the story please vote, comment and share. And if you have any ideas on the story or character please go ahead and comment but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will use it.

Cover page by @LunaRowlet

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