The Watch Seeker

The Watch Seeker

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G. M. T. Schuilling By GMTSchuilling Updated 4 days ago

Erase And Rewind Book Two. URBAN. FANTASY. TIME TRAVEL. 

If you received the gift of turning back time, only to be trapped in its cycle for all eternity... would you still accept it?

When Anaya learns that she'll inherit a watch that can turn back time, she's overwhelmed by the incredible prospects. She's also consumed with the heartbreak of knowing her best friend would die, and that she had done nothing about it. 

So Anaya seeks out the watchmaker, Gregory, to take her back in time to be with her friend and say a final goodbye. He tells her that it would come at a great price: if she ever uses the watch to rewind time again, she would be stuck in its hands, forever.

Is absolving her guilt about the past more important than moving forward? Will she risk her entire future with her first true love for the last precious years with her dead friend?

Would you?

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lionobsession lionobsession Dec 19, 2018
Again, I just love the covers you have for this series! Absolutely stunning!
kv_wilson kv_wilson Aug 04, 2018
Wow! Excellent trailer. I love the cover, too. Nice colour scheme and choice of image.
njdevin529 njdevin529 Jul 22, 2018
The cover is absolutely beautiful😊 I love how you kept the same format just a different color. And it’s the same rich, deep shade as the first one, just blue. These colors just draw you in and the swirls that resemble a watch pattern are genius!
BlueFairy7 BlueFairy7 Oct 29, 2018
I'd steal it, aha! It's absolutely terrific, I wouldn't change a thing about it. ❤️
TonyHarmsworth TonyHarmsworth Aug 23, 2018
It looks absolutely terrific. Who did the video for you? Is it your voice?
AuthorJMColes AuthorJMColes Jul 13, 2018
It meshes well with the first cover 
                              Very professional looking !
                              Not quite as dramatic though - is that on purpose ?