Emotions (Hank x Connor) Dbh

Emotions (Hank x Connor) Dbh

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:)) By AnimationFreakBlank Updated Dec 29, 2019

(Cover art not mine)

Short description:
Hank is mortified when he realizes that he is being assigned a new partner who is an android. He doesn't want to admit it; but slowly Connor starts to grow on him. Hank let's Connor into his home, not expecting for him and the piece of plastic to be more than just partners. But what happens when Connor feels some weird emotions when he's around Hank? Will Hank open up to Connor and help him with these feelings? Even maybe expressing some of his own love?

August 18- #167-connor

March 31st- #152 Connor

November 16th 2019- #19 in detroitbecomehuman

December 29th 2019- #114 in connor

December 30th 2019- #88 in connor

January 11th 2020 #83 in connor

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