Lycus : The Prophecy Of Annihilation | ✅

Lycus : The Prophecy Of Annihilation | ✅

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Lycus : The Prophecy of Annihilation
{Book 1 of The Chronicles of Zastreria}


The age of wolves is coming to an end in the land of Vascya. The corrupt council has declared any mated wolves an immediate and dangerous threat to the survival of the Lycan Race. And how do they enforce their will? Through the use of ruthless assassins. With no moral code or compass these are the deadliest of the council's weapons in this war of survival.

Belaize, an assassin hired by the council is the most ruthless and merciless of them all. But what would happen if he were to encounter the one he was always destined to be with?

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Started : July 5, 2018
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