Anime One Shots and Lemons ~Requests Closed for Now~

Anime One Shots and Lemons ~Requests Closed for Now~

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Tukikochan By Tukikochan Updated May 19, 2016

Just a bunch of anime one shots lemons and limes. Please read ^^ I would appreciate it. Oh and feedback and comments! Including characters from Naruto, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and more!  **Sorry if some of them are out of character!

!!DISCLAIMER!! I do not own any of the anime/manga used or the characters from a anime/manga.

**Please do not ask me to write you a request. I have so many to write already along with my three other fanfics so I can't handle them at the moment.**

articstar13 articstar13 Dec 07, 2015
Ban X reader
                              (Nanatsu no taizai) 
                              One shot lemon 
                              Long Brown hair
                              Green eyes
                              I'm a scorpio or a rabbit. (Depends what zodiac chart you look at)
Foxychick88 Foxychick88 Apr 08, 2015
hello I was just wondering if u know about the creepypastas and if so could u be able to do one about them
angel639551 angel639551 Mar 02, 2015
have you seen dark honey in fanfics??? NOT SO INNOCENT!!!!! LOL
Bats_in_flight Bats_in_flight Jan 22, 2015
*all Iwatobi swim club characters*
                              me: begins to think of really pervy stories with Sasabe and Hayato o_O
Jade_Seragaki_ Jade_Seragaki_ Sep 01, 2014
When you finish the others, would you consider doing Bleach or Black Butler? I can never find anyone who updates to request Grimmjow and Ulquiorra from Bleach or Alois Trancy from Black Butler
Hetalia_Russia1 Hetalia_Russia1 Aug 30, 2014
okay... I agree with you when you said Honey is too innocent to defile. It's so true!!! CX