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The Champion of Olympus

The Champion of Olympus

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MichaelPeleshaty By MichaelPeleshaty Completed

He was their hero, the person they knew they could always depend on. 

All of the gods and goddesses admired the hero for his sacrfices and his constant role in protecting Olympus. 

He was born a demigod, son of Posiedon. He protected Olympus through the first giant war and from any other threats. He became immortal, the gods and goddesses blessed this hero to have all the perks of their demigod children. 

He did Olympus's bidding for thousands of years. 

The Assassin of Olympus. He killed threats against Olympus or to the world. 

He swore never to leave them in time of struggle also there to answer the call. 

But what happens if he goes missing? 

Zeus sends Artemis and Artemis alone to find the only male she has ever respected. 

But when she does, she finds him in tears mentally broken by how many innocent lives he has taken. 

Sworn to secrecy Artemis hides him from the Olympian council. 

But when a new threat rises, Artemis informs him. 

Olympus searches for aid but none ca...

Do you mean, 'Perseus does not need to show any respect TO you'?
realreadr123 realreadr123 Apr 01, 2015
it sounded really deflated for those who dont know about percy jackson
                              'For he is the saviour of Olympus!'
                              'He's Perseus'
_neko_witch_ _neko_witch_ Jan 25, 2015
its actually his great grandmother cuz Rhea is his grandma and Gaea is his great grandmother
AjSummer AjSummer Jan 10, 2015
Woah bro super cool intro. Feeling that super-hero-Demi-God mood XD lets read this thang LOL
AjSummer AjSummer Jan 10, 2015
Why do I feel like so many stories like these start with this sentence XD or one like it lol oh well.
music_and_literature music_and_literature May 08, 2014
Nice introduction. I like it. he befriended both maiden goddesses, nice.