His Lips

His Lips

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ⱧØ₦ɆɎ.ⱠɄVV By lovecrash101 Updated Apr 16

Meet Grace Hoper. The "new" girl of Monarch Highschool Of Fine Arts, who wore wornout baggy  vintage clothes. She was a nerd, weirdo, and hated by the popular "It" girl Karen George.

But who is Grace really? Why does she hide herself? And is she really the good, innocent, quiet girl she portrays?

Meet Ashton Race. The badboy of Monarch Highschool of Fine Arts, he was everything you could ever imagine, one glance from him was like every desire any girl could had. But what happens when Ashton realizes he had seen Grace before and not just on the streets and tries to break her barriers and find out who is she really and what is that she is hiding? And what happens when two different or maybe similar worlds collide?

"Grace what happened to you, this isn't you, this isn't who you are or ever be, where is the Grace who would never back down and keep her word, who would beat the shit out of anyone who talked about her or her friends, what happened to my loud,  sarcastic, arrogant, funny, Grace where is she?" 

"I am not the same girl I used to be, pain changed me, and the girl you're talking about died"

This Book has Mature Language.

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