The BadBoy Broke My Window [Soon To Be Rewritten]

The BadBoy Broke My Window [Soon To Be Rewritten]

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Emilia Josephine was the typical shy girl at school, she changed. Emilia is not popular, she is pretty but no one can stand her. People say she's weird, a nerd and clearly a loner. She believes that having friends is a waste of her time since everyone are users, they always hurt you in the end. Her mother left their family business as a photographer with her while she went on a business trip. That is until the most unusualist thing happens to her, one night when she fell asleep she got woken up by the window cracking...  

Dylan Collins, is the badboy at 'West High'. He's popular, sexy, attractive and a player. All the girls love him. Dylan loves to party and gets into alot of fights. Nearly getting caught by the police that one night might have changed his life.  

What would you do if the BadBoy broke your window? Read to find out.

[WARNING!!!! Contains Swearing!!!]

© EJ_ThatsMe (2014) All Rights Reserved

Warning!! This book needs major editing!! Might be re-writing, but won't be for a long while!!

non__na non__na Nov 06
My cousin's name is Sara and faye is my neighbor's daughter name
IrajNowaz IrajNowaz Aug 22
I like badgirl books because they're so relatable but I still like reading good girl books
vkookaflmao vkookaflmao Aug 23
I wish I was like her. I'm afraid of what everyone thinks of me or is thinking about me
non__na non__na Nov 07
I think if anyone could rock the high school villain/bitch/drama queen in our generation is Bella Thorne 
                              Just my opinion
non__na non__na Nov 06
WTf I can't imagine him as the brother he should be the main character
Don't mind me...
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