Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told

Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told

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Although these are fairy tales don't let that fool you. 

Not all have a happy endings.

In fact, some stories are filled with what nightmares are made of.

Did you know that fairy tales, in their original form, were grotesque and frightening stories?

Get ready to enjoy a collection of original fairy tales that children should never be told.

Just make sure that you read them with the lights on.

“Oh, nothing much. Just a better dad who doesn't call me by the stupid nickname these bitches gave me.”
DaisyCat369 DaisyCat369 Sep 10
I guess they were just okay with the pigeons pecking their eyes out
THIS!!! This is the part I've been waiting for!!!
                              It's creepy
Why didn't he check straight away since this had already happened before?
Ahhhh I heard this story before but the Russian version still very sugar costed but as close to a classic in a film version as it gets I guess...
DaisyCat369 DaisyCat369 Sep 10
What I want to know is how he didn't notice the blood before this