Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told

Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told

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Although these are called fairy tales, don't let that fool you ... not all of them have happy endings. In fact, some are filled with what nightmares are made of.

Did you know that fairy tales in their original form were grotesque and frightening stories?

Get ready to enjoy a collection of fairy tales that children should never be told ... just make sure to read them with the lights on.

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SavannahWaterBucket SavannahWaterBucket Jul 05, 2017
So they just calmly walked alongside her while their eyes were being pecked out o.0
sisawesome sisawesome Jun 22, 2017
I bet she's gonna be in the hazel tree next and her dad is gonns chop it off and she won't have any more wishes
MaKhileyR MaKhileyR Jul 09, 2017
I've heard this story before.  I have no questions. A writer will write whatever they please. If a writer loves their work and is confident in it, they will publish it without shame. If someone puts thought into their work, no matter what form, I will respect it.
SavannahWaterBucket SavannahWaterBucket Jul 05, 2017
Yes don't spit swallow.........................what has wattpad done to me?
Elai2M Elai2M Apr 17, 2017
Actually, according to the books I have read, little red and her grandmother were saved by a lumberjack man by cutting the wolf's belly open, so yes, I do know.
SavannahWaterBucket SavannahWaterBucket Jul 05, 2017
I thought it was referring to Cinderella and the prince and I had this image of them clutching each other and crying