Complicated Love ( on hold )

Complicated Love ( on hold )

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Kajal By LittleThugster Updated Jul 05, 2018

LIFE !!!!

The most important thing is to enjoy our life .

But are we really happy ?

Is our happiness is only materialistic?

Every person has different opinion about living life. We try to find happiness in every small thing.

I find happiness in watching rainfall, some find happiness in hanging out with friends, some find happiness when spending time with their love ones. There are many thing which bring smile on our face .

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous change . Let reality be the reality. Don't try to change it. Fill what's empty, empty what's fill .

Your life is your mirror, it will reflect back your thinking; life is short live it fully...

stay positive but always keep in mind the negative things related to it.

Sometimes I am afraid just want to run away from every thing. Leaving everything behind. But when I like back everything seems still. Like wanting to recreate the history again. Want to refresh every part of it.
So here I am . Giving a chance. Exploring me again, in a very different way -

COMPLICATED LIFE is my first story . This story is very much close to me. Many parts of this story is related to my life.
The whole story revolves around a teen girl having fascinating dreams.
As am a big fan of arshi(arnav and Khushi - lead role of iss pyar ko kya naam doo) , the girl In my story is named after her. She is very much like Khushi but modern.