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Plans, Plans, and More Plans (A Draco and Hermione fanfic)

Plans, Plans, and More Plans (A Draco and Hermione fanfic)

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Courtney :) By lilipip123 Completed

When Hermione goes back to Hogwarts to finish her seventh year, a certain blond decides to come back as well. Why? for Hermione, he told her he's change; change for the better. Hermione thinks it's all a joke, so she sets a PLAN, and by doing so, she kinda falls for him herself, well not noticing at first. watch how Draco and Hermione sets PLANS to win each other's hearts. because if you wanna do it right might as well start with a "little"  PLANNING. :)

Undeniably_Nuts Undeniably_Nuts Mar 02, 2016
This does not sound like Hermoine. For one the phrase "Omg" had not been created until recent 21st century. And neither would she address Malfoy (even in her head) as "Draco!" Or say "really what's he doing here (with multiple question marks and exclamation marks, it's completely wrong grammar.)
Great... loving it already, there is no wrong of having some wrong grammar, at least not for me, I didn't even notice. I hope you keep writing, don't let the bad comments get to you... I got your back @lilipip123
MagicAtWork MagicAtWork Jan 04
While I like and enjoy the idea of this book, it doesn't seem like Hermione. She doesn't seem British, and she seems way too 'modern teenager.' I would watch out for adding commas, and leaving out some exclamation points. I really do love this creative idea of Hermione and Malfoy.
Undeniably_Nuts Undeniably_Nuts Mar 02, 2016
There is no need to have "Like" in this line, makes it sound more American less British.
lilipip123 lilipip123 Aug 01, 2015
@Black_and_ White_Hats hahaha I just made it up, but good thinking though! :)
Black_and_White_Hats Black_and_White_Hats Aug 01, 2015
Was Turner a reference to Fairly Odd Parents or the Time Turner by any chance?