my first and last love || sokeefe (slowly editting)

my first and last love || sokeefe (slowly editting)

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❝foster?❞      ❝yes, keefe?❞
               Where Sophie Elizabeth Foster, the tired savior of the Elvin community just happens to fall in love to the boy with the broken wings, Keefe Sencen. 
                  But, with love comes war, so who said love stories were always peaches and crackers, dresses and frills, prom night and stolen kisses?
❝Everything seemed to stop when she saw Keefe. His ice blue eyes were twinkling in the moonlight. His hand was running through his blonde hair. His clothes were rumpled and his arm was bandaged from the cut. She wondered why he hadn't gotten treatment from it.❞

*S L O W L Y   E D I T I N G*
(when I say slowly editing, I mean SLOWLY editing)

C O P Y R I G H T 
Shannon Messenger owns all the characters in Keeper of the Lost Cities, as well at the elvin world and other parts of her book series. 
I only own my plot line and any characters that aren't in Shannon's books.

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