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In the beginning... he was like a storm: violent, dangerous, and perfectly capable of destroying everything in his path. He'd gotten his hands on everything needed to pin me in his trap. My home... my belongings... my life -- he could have taken any of them at any time, and I wouldn't have been allowed to so much as let out a single protest. In the end, though, what he ended up wanting more than anything else in the world was something I swore up and down I wouldn't ever give him. 

My complete and total submission.


Aerin Vanderhill is uncertain of who he is on the inside and what he really wants out of life. For seventy-five years, he's lived very quietly in a small but futuristic American town, sleeping during the day and occasionally meandering around at night, basically just wondering at his own depressing existence.

His family is long dead and everyone he once loved is gone, so for him, all that's left is the silence of being alone... of mimicking life because its there and he has it. Its boring, but what's an awkward, socially inept vampire who's only true form of human contact comes through playing online video games supposed to do? 

Nothing. That's right, nothing. Because doing something would make him spiral. That's why he sticks to his routine, no matter how pointless it feels to him.

Unfortunately, his simple way of living comes to an immediate end when a dangerous, beast-like man with strange powers and even stranger origins comes gallivanting into town, hunting for the so-called "leech" who lulls his victims to sleep before preying on them. 

Aerin is soon certain he's going to be murdered, but fate might just have other plans.
(This is a story featuring male only romance. LGBT+)


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