Welcome To Our World (Ticcimask) (On Hold)

Welcome To Our World (Ticcimask) (On Hold)

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Fan fiction Writer By RaynSakamoto_Fanfic Updated Oct 07

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(Well they used to be... no joke.)

Toby Rogers was a timid boy with a scary and bloody story that burned him badly in the soul, that's when he finds his safe haven in the mansion. Follow Toby on an adventure filled with laughter, tears, and love as he meets new creepypastas, jokes with them... and falls in love with one of them. 

This is a Masky x Toby fanfic and Marble Hornets Spoilers will be in this book!

There are serious issues in this book, please be aware of this, if you feel uncomfortable with any of these serious subjects,

And more, please do not read this book. The creepypastas are all dealing with serious issues. 

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