Technically Not My Dad

Technically Not My Dad

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subconsciousness By badwolf679 Updated Jul 27

"Don't test me little girl." He snarled stepping towards me.

I stood my ground and crossed my arms, "Sorry but last time I checked its a free country, DADDY." I rolled my eyes emphasizing the word daddy.  He growled again, "Don't roll your fucking eyes at me Amelia." 

I cringed at the sound of my full name, " What are you gonna do, huh? Punish me?" Sarcasm dripped through my voice as I spoke. 

Before I knew it I was slammed up against the wall, hard might I add, with my hand pinned above my head. I looked into his once baby blue eyes that are now a dark navy blue color, "You have no idea." He whispered.

This is a short story, very straight to the point. Very mature ++18

Amelia Smith, also known as Mia, has lived a ruff life. When she was 10 her father left her and her mother. Her mother became harsh and started to beat her almost every day. As Mia got older she just learned how to avoid her mother, which was working. Until one day her mother brought a man home who was now supposed to be her father.
Cover by: @Weak_Pullout_Game

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Shhhh girls don't hate girls .......girls love each other . Girls are a bit gay for each other. Girls fix each others crowns ♡
She just sounds like a bad bitch that girls are mad at for being a baddie
Thisonecan Thisonecan Sep 10
there referring to a place, they're referring to a group people or a person and lastly their referring to someone's possession like a house. I always see these mistakes from people, it bugs me so much, because it is never good to be ignorant.
Kink_Squad Kink_Squad Sep 20
I wouldn't even get out the word "the", i woulda been smacked and a whole stick would be in my mothers hand
Dude talking to my parent like that or even blinking too hard would have got my ass beat
Pugsypie Pugsypie Oct 07
Why buy when you can rent? And in the mean time why not move in with your best friend? I'm sure her parents wouldn't mind as long as you help keep yourself by paying your share of the extra food bill ect?