Legend of Gyawa: Book Two - Earth ✔️

Legend of Gyawa: Book Two - Earth ✔️

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The second book of Legend of Gyawa. A sixteen year old girl sucked in Avatar: Last Airbender. Only she is the avatar, she must learn Earth Bending. She must learn to defeat the Fire Lord by summers end. Will she get the handsome banished Prince? Will she learn Earth Bending? Will she be able to feed Momo before sunset?!

Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, but that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only Avatar Gyawa could stop them, but when the world needed her most - she vanished. A hundred years have past and my brother and I have found her, and a friend named Aang. All though her Airbending skills are great she has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone. But I believe; Gyawa can save the world.


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Editor: @Lecarius 
Cover and Edited Art by @mgcjoan on Instagram. 

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