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Erin Latimer By ELatimer Completed

*completed*The Jotun have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries. But now Valka, a young servant from the ice palace, is about to discover a new and terrible enemy has arisen.

Note: FLOOD is a stand-alone book set in the Jotun world. It is not book 2 of the Frost series (that will be published by Patchwork Press later this year).

Cover art by @SeventhStar

  • fantasy
Just goes to show, u know someone is famous af when the Jotum know who they are
000meow000 000meow000 Feb 25
Is this based off of the published books or the book on Wattpad?
milka_and_misty milka_and_misty Jun 05, 2017
How do I ship this? they've know each other for like a minute
Omigod it annoys me to know end when boring humans are jealous of amazing magical people that they end up despising them😷😷
mimitales mimitales Jan 27
Ah no why bring humans into this they are the most dangerous
O my god, what on earth is wrong with humans. Why must they be such fools?