Nothing Like the Novels

Nothing Like the Novels

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English literature post-graduate Elizabeth Finley has no idea what she is going to do with her life. At twenty four, she struggles with her lack of job potential and less than fruitful love life. Why can’t she find a passionate romance like a Jane Austen heroine? After all she will settle for nothing less than a Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightly of her own. However, when she finds herself thrust into the true Regency era, Beth discovers that living in Jane Austen’s world is nothing like the novels. 

Grace Pritchard lives with her callous yet caring brother, William at the grand Pritchard Hall. She has the life that every young regency lady dreams of, balls, dresses and suitors. Being the quiet, docile girl she is, Grace keeps her lifelong adoration for her brothers best friend Charles, or Charlie as she had always called him, a secret. After all, her brother would never allow the match. Grace’s obedient character is quickly changed when a strange and impossible girl named Beth falls into their lives. She is wild and independent and she finds her way under William Pritchard’s skin as well as his heart.  When the household falls under scandal, scrutiny, and mystery that follows Beth’s arrival, she and Grace are faced with the choice between what is right and what their hearts truly desire. 

One unlikely friendship

Two unforgettable Romances

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Suburban_Girl Suburban_Girl Apr 30, 2017
I'm pretty sure she would get a happy ending since all Jane Austen's novels have one.
Suburban_Girl Suburban_Girl Apr 30, 2017
On the bright side the stairs don't move , therefore she is not in Hogwarts.
KawaiiNerd14 KawaiiNerd14 Nov 08, 2017
I would be deadass laughing at his outfit choices and flame him, bcuz lets face it. Im a 21st century girl and if I was her, and I wouldn't know, I would still act the same
gnxcub gnxcub Oct 23, 2017
How can you talk so boringly about Charles Dickens????? I hate those kinds of professors XD
gnxcub gnxcub Oct 24, 2017
I like how Grace didn't bash Beth right away. She was just like "OK well don't let my brother hear that."
gnxcub gnxcub Oct 23, 2017
Your detail is amazing! Definitely adding Northanger Abbey to my list of books to buy