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Have a Little Hope

Have a Little Hope

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Phoebe By phoebegardens Completed

When Hope's father suddenly dies, no one can prepare her for the amount of grief she would go through, especially when her grandparents agree to let his organs be used as he was a registered organ donor.
Unable to deny her dad's wishes, the organs are used to save lives, but on one condition.
She wants to meet the people who are benefiting from her dad's organs but the very last thing she expects is to form friendships or even a relationship out of the heartache of losing her father.
One recipient is Cole Mellor; a goofy, gorgeous budding nineteen year old photographer who receives her father's heart. She feels an undeniable connection to Cole, but is that because he has a piece of her dad within him, or are her feelings a lot more to do with Cole himself?

Maybe that's why her mom left her. Because sometimes hope(as Hope herself)  wasn't enough and she needed something more so she left
Zaakiya1313 Zaakiya1313 Jun 07
Wow. I know the mother left her and everything, but at least she's there for her now and is trying to make a difference. She's going overboard by swearing at her mother. That's just utterly disrespectful. She's crossing a line now.
babyyrane babyyrane 5 days ago
Look I know you guys are all saying have respect and stuff but think about how you would feel in this situation. She's just getting defensive because her dad raised her and her mom walked out and now her moms trying to make all the decisions again. I would honestly be pissed too.
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MahaTheHaha MahaTheHaha May 02
honestly why is everyone annoyed with her? yeah she left them for so long but if he can potentially help someone and is literally dead he will never wake up then why delay it and hold on for so much longer? While he'd dying someone's life can be saved :/
dani dani Mar 21
This is heartbreaking. I like the emphasis on "my dad" because in those moments I think that's what happens. It's hard to accept, initially, because until that moment you believe that these are the things that happen to other people. Really captivating!