Dream Carrier [Voltron x child reader]

Dream Carrier [Voltron x child reader]

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AnimeIsMyLife By peacockdragon12345 Updated Aug 28, 2018

You are the little sister of Lance but you are 8 years old. You and Lance have this special bond that makes you inseparable from each other. 

One day Lance and his friends Pidge, Hunk and Keith asked you to come with them to a cave and you did. When you got there you started to feel light headed but you ignored it, and soon enough you guys found a BIG BLUE ROBOT LION in the cave. You then felt more light headed then before as you and Lance and his friends came closer and went inside the lion. You guys thought it was out of batteries but oh, were you wrong. Everything turned on and it was coming to life. As that happened, it started to get out of the cave, but before it could, you went into complete darkness. Next thing you know, you wake up, not in your bed, but in a pod?