My Mate Saga (Twilight Fan Fiction)

My Mate Saga (Twilight Fan Fiction)

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Twilight AU. 

Vampires were never humans. They are their own species, placed on this earth for one reason; to keep the human population down. They hid in secrecy for decades. But with the advancement in human technology, humans have finally been able to fight back. 

The male vampires are large, possessive, and dominant creatures who mate with only one female in their lifetime. Edward Cullen is a 148 vampire who ended up on the wrong side of forest and was captured by humans to be experimented on. He's been dreaming of a brown-haired beauty who he could only imagine would be his mate.

When the humans capture a female vampire, Edward is put to the test of protecting the most important thing in his life.

His mate.

//Disclaimer// I do NOT own any Twilight Characters. 

Mature for sexual themes, violence, and language.