Chased (ON HOLD)

Chased (ON HOLD)

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gabs By Glazedbymoi Updated Oct 05, 2020

⚠️ Rewritten Version ⚠️

"The torment we receive from each other would only get worse if we're seperated." -Kace Arrowood

The life we choose, the pain we suffer.

The lies we receive, the impact we get.

No, I was not abused, I was not bruised.

A different kind of pain and an aching curiosity.

I long for answers and this is what I get.

The fact that who I think I am is not me. The monster within me begging to be released. Crawling from the bottom of my control.

Yes I am a Royal, yes I am hidden.

But, no, I am not a monster waiting to happen.

I'm just a lie they made us believe.

They thought I was destined to rule. For I shall lead us to victory and peace.

They thought I will sit on that big throne of lies, but I found out the truth.

As powerful as I am and as holy as my bloodline is, that place was never been mine. It was HIS. 

That's why I'll break what they've built.

Because we deserve some equity and have the right to rebuild.

Chased. It's the simple definition of her well-being. The simple condition of her life. Simple yet hard to go through.

Royals. Any royalty have this issue of having threats chasing 24/7 and just like them... She is one too.

But she's no believer alright. Fully human or not, she prefer not following what they've written. She wants her own option  and decision. 

Cringe, cliche, you name it!
It's still got some romance-y thing going on in there besides the fact that it's a fantasy book.

It's not completely a serious book, tbh it's stupid and full of dry jokes :)

Enjoy! *throws hearts aggressively* 

Love ya glazies!