The Fault In Our Sterek {Editing}

The Fault In Our Sterek {Editing}

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Stiles never realised how much Derek cared about him. He always thought Derek hated him, but he was wrong. He was so wrong. 

 I don't take credit for Teen Wolf's characters, and this isn't related to TFIOS either.

Editing: I'm changing the narrative for this work, and the sequel - The plot won't change so hopefully it won't confuse anyone currently reading. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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In my mind:
                              Stiles and Derek
                              Scott and Isaac
                              Lydia and Allison
                              Kyra and Malia(?)
                              Danny and Ethan
CSLilac CSLilac Apr 22
u know he's gay when he quotes only speaks in mean girls quotes
daddysterek daddysterek Mar 10, 2016
Because the biitch wolf loves you Stiles!
                              HE FUCKIING LOVES YOU!!
-rip2myyouth -rip2myyouth May 21, 2016
I'm sorry but every time I hear "Kira" I think of Death Note
*opens up massive book*
                              *blows dust away*
                              *turns to first page*
                              Okay so...
FairyTaleRomancer FairyTaleRomancer Jun 16, 2015
I can imagine Stiles saying this. Then Derek bursting in, shifted, jumping on Stiles. Just me? Okay