You're my home ~ Klance

You're my home ~ Klance

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"We're going home."


The team had defeated Lotor and left him amongst the quintessence, and were now returning to Earth. 
Many of them thought this was long waited and were very excited.

Lance was going to see his siblings, and meet his nephew for the first time.
Keith was going to show his Mum around, her not having seen the place in 18 years.
Pidge's family was finally going to be reunited.
Hunk was going to see his mother again!
Shiro was hoping to help out the garrison with gathered information, and enjoy his time with the fellow paladins.
Allura, Coran and Romelle were going to learn the culture of earthlings.

They were all set for an adventure and fun time.

What they were faced with was not the Earth the knew and love.


"My family. They're all gone. Keith. This is not Home."


Important Info bellow:

~ cover (and art on it) belongs to me [although is a redraw]
~ most artwork in the book, however, are not my own
~ disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any of the (main) characters in this book
~ plot is mine

~ First few chapters are angst (Langst, Kangst, and Klangst)
~ Heaps of Klance fluff (slow start)
~ A bit of Langst/Klangst coz we need that shit

~ Set after season 6

Trigger warning? I guess. 
Mentions of death, depressing thoughts.