Paint Me a Murder (Editing)

Paint Me a Murder (Editing)

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Kitty Kat By Anime_Kitty Updated 5 days ago

Everyone has another personality they don't want anyone else to see.

Syracuse is a town terrorized by gangs fighting for territory. These predacious monsters are normal people with a dark secret buried beneath their skin. They're forced to conceal their rebellious nature in order to evade pursuit from authorities.

Young artist Kazimir Lockett barely escapes the murderous depths known as Hell's Hollow when he drives down there for his precious cocaine to alleviate his addiction. When Kazimir seeks help from gangster Emmett Larson for a murder investigation, he never knew how strong his feelings would grow as they investigate. Amid their murderous world, romance is the last thing they need on their plate, but the heart isn't always tamable.

The line that keeps good and evil divided is wearing thin, cutting deep through Kazimir's fragile heart as he struggles to piece himself back together. Will he be able to return from the shadows as a victorious hero, or will he succumb to his dark desires and let his own demons control him?

Cover by the awesome @CannibalisticNecro