What did you call me ? Goddess  nope no that's not right

What did you call me ? Goddess nope no that's not right

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Clare King By ClareKing Updated May 16, 2011

A girl named Rianna finds out her final destiny. At first the camp activities director Chiron believes that she is a half blood but she turns out not o be. The prophecies that are heard in this books help her find her parents , friends , enemies and most of all. Why she was born.

God it's so cringey...Lord Zeus, I hereby give you permission to blast me to bits.
Nico and Bianca have a sister that says "peoples." I am so done.
HeidiVale HeidiVale Mar 09, 2011
You really need to check your spelling and grammar, it's really hard to read with so many mistakes. It gets really confusing after the beginning, you give too much information and things progress a little too quickly. 
porshalovebby porshalovebby Mar 06, 2011
soo i have a question!! When is this suppsoed to take place llikee after the last olypian? or idkayy since Rachels in there
shelbylw03 shelbylw03 Mar 06, 2011
Really good so far. I love both roman and greeak mythology. And Perch Jackson is great too. So, I'll most definitely enjoy this story.
Retr0spect Retr0spect Mar 04, 2011
love it!!!! I just started reading The Lost Hero this week :)