The Circle Of The Qur'an #1[Bk.1 Of The Arkaan Series]

The Circle Of The Qur'an #1[Bk.1 Of The Arkaan Series]

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Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim By Attaruwa Updated Feb 14

"In a world of genius scholars and ascetic saints, of sinners and sorcerers, a world of scheming leaders and kingdoms in turmoil, and when spirits created from fire appear, only one would survive who brings to his Lord a pure heart..."

A land where knowledge, purity of the heart, and morality is everything...

Five youngsters from a backwater city, under the tutelage of a travelling scholar and Mujtahid, enter into a world of knowledge and pious asceticism, vying with the chosen in an epoch-making tournament.

On the eve of the Grand competition however, a catastrophe strikes, and the scholar disappears..

Even before they had the chance to represent their city Tâ Hâ, the five Quraa' are forced to withdraw..


Washed ashore the Island city, Arkaan is a youth seeking to correct and make up his past, even if that means challenging the four tribes and echelon in order to revive the Scholar's circle, 'Inabah.

He's a youth with a dark past, and the world he has entered is one of the cultivation of hearts.

When Arkaan meets the five Quraa and offers his help, will they trust him and follow his lead?

As the mysterious foreign sixth apprentice, and possessor of a mystic diary that has deep secrets even the King of the land seeks to solve, Arkaan would be plunged in a much larger world with plots even thicker than he could ever imagine.

He must replace those at the top of Qur'an cultivation, purify his heart, and travel the land, meeting spirits and solving mysteries.

A boy is washed ashore a backwater city. There - a story begins..

In Tâ Hâ was a Scholar, and - five Quraa',

•An exiled prince

•A young scholar

•A child saint

•A repentant sinner

•And the Sayyid of their generation


NB: A Muslim-solely Series, Non-Muslims read at your own peril!!!

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