Taming His Beast

Taming His Beast

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Mia By DarkestFantasy Updated Sep 08, 2014

Previously: Seducing The Bad Boy (WARNING: Sexual Content)     
"Do you really think you can beat me at my own game?" Angelo growled, running his tongue along my lower stomach. I moaned loudly, and arched my back against his bed, wanting his tongue on another certain wet spot. "Listen princess," he ordered gripping my shoulders in a vice like grip. I gasped at the heat, and lust in his eye's. "You will never even know half the meaning of seduction in my book. But now....I'm going to have you. I will make you moan, groan, and scream my name in pleasure." he growled lowly against the sensitive flesh of my neck. The sexy italian accent sending shivers through my body, as excitment coursed through my vains.  In one smooth movement, he lifted my legs up to form a v shape, giving him access to my throbbing, wet, area. Bending his head down her started..................

(This story has the supernatural in it. Not your normal Cliche bad boy/good girl love story)

It's a new year at Chasity High, and it's a new year for Dalila Marrks. She is a changed girl, and is now ready for the best senior year of her life. Only an old flame comes back into her life. Angelo Luca, the high school bad boy, also known as the 'God Of Sex', also known as her high school bully. Now that she's changed, he's after her, and wont stop until he gets her. What Angelo wants, Angelo gets. Her body, her heart, her everything. Only one problem, Dalila hates him. She doesn't want to relive all the bad experiences. All the times he touched her, and pleasured her, she wants revenge. There's only one solution....seduce the bad boy right? But it's not as easy as she planned. There is something up with Angelo, and she knows it. Mean while Angelo has to learn to control himself with her, to keep her away from his beast......will he make it threw the rest of the school year without jumping her right then and there? Read to find out.......

presleytbh presleytbh Jul 15, 2016
dude everyone at my school on te first day either look dead or about to drop dead themselves
Diamondiva11 Diamondiva11 Aug 19, 2016
What school she go to my school everyone is standing outside in groups screaming or inside at lockers showing off their decor
ChonceHarreh ChonceHarreh Jul 27, 2015
she's like so whatever 
                              you could do so much better i think we should get together now
                              and that's what everybody's talking bout
Are you some kind of walking encyclopedia that LOVES school?
InterracialLuvDuh InterracialLuvDuh Apr 19, 2015
im re-reading for the 3rd time this & I noticed u added a cast. Funny how I always thought Ari should play her but I she had blue eyes in story but now shes playing her anyways lol
InterracialLuvDuh InterracialLuvDuh Apr 19, 2015
even tho I know hes not a werewolf it makes me think he is like the mate meet thing & u being a author of that genre makes it werider