Crimson Flame ~ Book 1 - The Royal Blood Collection

Crimson Flame ~ Book 1 - The Royal Blood Collection

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Book 1 - The Royal Blood Collection

The world is filled with infighting and desperation; uncertainty is rife. 

Humanity hides of a night, fearing the menace that stalks the streets. Numbers are dwindling, causing the government to force its citizens into forced breeding with assigned partners. They wage war against the vampires, one that they are not winning. 

The vampires struggle to maintain law and order within their species. They rule the night and hide from the sun during the day. Years of chaos has created a lawless city that is overrun by criminals and lowlifes that prey on the weak. 

In a desperate attempt to return the power of rule to his family and gain control of the province, one vampire makes a deal with a human woman.  

All that Alaric wanted was a woman to sit by his side on the throne. A business transaction that would give him exactly what he wanted and nothing more. She would be everything that he needed to keep the enemy at a distance. 

Emmeline wants to be free of the cage that she sees as her future. A chance to choose her own destiny rather than what the government has dictated. She can have that, all she has to do is trust the vampire. 

Together they will create an illusion that meets the requirements for his claim to the throne. Cracks appear with lies and deception that will make the perfect plan crumble. 

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