Surviving Him  (Andy Biersack love story)

Surviving Him (Andy Biersack love story)

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Morgan By ItsOnlyMorgan Completed

Morgan had it all. She was head cheerleader, had an amazing home life, kept her best friend Samm balanced, and overall, life was good. That was until HE came. Then this perfect life turned into a mere hell.

loveshoey loveshoey Feb 14
I can imagine the terror in Ash's eyes as a crazy woman hits him with a pan, Why am I laughing so much
trvshescvlm trvshescvlm Aug 26
The words 'daddy' and 'baby girl' on the same line are not good
Just gotta say, in ALL my fantasies I beat the bad guy with a frying pan and ride off into the moonset on a rainbow unicorn/llama! 😸  I love my fantasies!
loveshoey loveshoey Feb 14
... That's not what my mom told me to do if a murderer is in the house
loveshoey loveshoey Feb 14
just bubble wrap the premises by now, in about a hour they might walk into a wall or something
I'm listening to Rebel Love song while reading this and inside I'm like: why can't there be a scene where I scream OMG THE FEELS?! 😖