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☆ Shiwii ☆ By ThePsychoMadHatter Updated Feb 28

An ability very few talk about, are gifted to 13 different people around the world.  Keela is one of those people. 

Keela was a normal girl until one day she bumped into a man in the middle of the night and found a weird card in her back pocket. She didn't think anything weird of it, but that soon changed when odd  occurrences began taking place. It didn't take long enough for her to realize that she was the one causing all of these misfortunes. 

And neither did it take long enough for her to realize that she's not the only one who had been visited by this odd stranger. There were others; others like her and she was going to find them all, because many obstacles stand in their way and to overcome them, to create their own identity, they need each other.

  • action
  • adventure
  • evil
  • friendship
  • hate
  • love
  • magic
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • tarot