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That creepy person in the dark corner that you can't see By marilcat Completed

They say opposites attract, so what does that leave for the people that are similar?

Jason and Cody

Each has crazy and distant parents, too much money to count, a crazy best friend, and a distinct dislike for the other. Unfortunately, their parents are dead set on ensuring their children's happily ever after. 

Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad. Can't we even talk about this?

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Lucky that would b my dream but y not have given idk like 2.5 million to charity cuz those types of garages r expensive as hell literally
Joey Lockheart??
                              16 wishes??? Anyone???
                              No body???
kxrstxnTM kxrstxnTM Aug 19, 2016
All the time I make a goal to study before a test but then I'm too lazy and I stull get perf grades
clueless121 clueless121 Oct 25, 2016
That's funny the way she said the books name last line arranged wha at??
Youknowit____ Youknowit____ Sep 10, 2016
That's literally bs bc to get good grades you HAVE to study especially in hs bc what the teacher says in class won't always be on the test
boomerreign boomerreign Jul 27, 2016
You know how expensive those garage rooms are. They cost a lot you could have helped so many kids.