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Poems And Songs

Poems And Songs

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Jacques Shepherd By Underdog Updated Feb 16, 2013

All of my Poems and Songs I have been writing since I was 14. Some of them are surreal and others have extreme dark tones to them. Warning: If you are of a nervous disposition to the themes of suicide, cutting, torture and emotional pain, this probably isn't for you.

LiZ-RoSe LiZ-RoSe Sep 08, 2010
I think this is amazing, it's deep and I know what it feels like to be bullied and Youve written just it! I VOTED! :D 
TatiR3 TatiR3 Aug 12, 2010
O.M.G this poem!... It's like amazing! I've nevr been bullied or anything xactly but I think what you writ pretty much somes it up perfectly! Bullying can literally push some1 ovr the edge of life and even sanity sometimes.