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Roadtrip By LSCBwriter Completed

Colby is secretly in love with Brennen and doesn't know what to do. Brennen loves Colby but tries to deny it to himself. He hurts Colby without even realizing it. Colby thinks about talking to Sam about it, but are they really friends anymore? What about Corey? He believes Corey is like his older brother.

In this world, a group of people is born immortals. The only ones to ever exist. Every person named throughout this story is immortal. You have the age these immortals stop aging at and the age they actually are.

Written&Edited On Numerous Devices

Disclaimer: If you're writing your own story and want to copy/use part of mine, message me first.

The trailer for this story is in the Prologue.

This story contains the following: depression/self-harm, fluff, smut, pranks, ddlg, Evil Jake (Sorry I wrote this when he first came and I didn't like him.... but now he's my second favorite person in the house. Always will be even when they part ways).

^Read at your own risk, if offended/triggered by any of these topics know I warned you. DO NOT complain about not being warned first or saying you don't like something that's added into the book because you read the summary.

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