The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)[Completed]

The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)[Completed]

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Special By Never_Alone200 Completed

Ted short for Teddy is an omega, when he was small his father died when he tried to save the pack. 

His mother was broken and she had no where to go, she went searching for a pack but none of them accepted both of them because her son was an omega. 

But there was only one pack who needed more wolfs 'The silver moon' pack, The pack accepted them even though her son was an omega. 

After years Ted grew up he found out that he was attracted to boys more than girls, he told his mother about it and she accepted him and the pack did too. 

Little did he know that his mate was the future alpha, what's going to happen when Max 'The Future Alpha' finds out, Is he going to reject him? Or accept him? 

What's going to happen when Teddy finds out that Max is his mate?

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One wolf. It was only one wolf.
                              I thought it'd be, like, 300 or some schist.
Kris!!  Why you left EXO and let your wife Suho suffer raising your damn childrens!!
Luddsig Luddsig 16 hours ago
“I’m the perfect masculine character who has no flaws”
muyaaam muyaaam Dec 02
Hmmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyyy wooooouuuuuuulllllllddddddd ttttthhheeeeèeeyyyyyyyyyyyy? (See I even put an accent on it because I'm so confused)
Birdie-Bird Birdie-Bird Dec 05
Why? Won't that look kind of weird, like you a human walking in the forest, you find a boarder of bags next to trees that lead to a huge mansion, did your dad not think of that?
... Sure, let's celebrate the fact you attack ONE wolf, and it's not even dead.