The Donatello Twins (book two of My Mafioso)

The Donatello Twins (book two of My Mafioso)

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mizzmartinez By mizzmartinez Updated Nov 04

(18+ only please. Thanks!) ? STRONG LANGUAGE!!!

   If you haven't read my first book My Mafioso I suggest you go there first. Or else this one might not make sense. XoXo 
23 years ago Arianna and Vincent Donatello had twin boys that are now grown men who are taking over the family business. 

   Niko Gianni, the oldest by a few minutes has taken the role of the Don. The Don is the leader of the family business. The family business being the Italian Mafia... 

    As for his brother Christian Lorenzo who everyone calls Enzo for short is the second in command. He's Niko's right hand man. And he's just as ruthless as his older brother

   In this story you will go along with the guys and their day to day lives involving drug deals, mafia wars, fighting and  a love story between the guys and Isabella. 

   Isabella is the daughter of Sophie (Arianna's best friend) and Antonio (Vincent's right hand man and best friend) she is everything the guys have ever wanted. She's a bad ass with a loud mouth and she doesn't take shit from anyone.But who will win her over? 

   There is also some family drama involving Niko and Enzo's younger brother Luca. He's not happy to be the youngest of the boys so he lashes out fighting everyone he comes across. Plus they have to deal with their out of control 18 year old sister Savannah

   Get ready for the drama, romance, and action.

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Hello, I think I will be able to make you a book cover. I at Least wanna try. C:
Bummed because I never got a chance to read the first book...stupid haters!
elavivah elavivah Jul 23
I was wondering if I could make a book cover for the Donatello twins 😃
Asiayorba Asiayorba Jul 23
Well that last sentence wasn’t creepy at all 💀🤦‍♀️
So excited to read this! If i love the first book i’m sure i would love this!! ❤️
guavalord guavalord Aug 21
How old are they supposed to be now?? Aren't they both like 40 something now?