Odyssey of Shadows

Odyssey of Shadows

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"Hope, children, and never once let in. For it is written that a single candle can withstand the darkness, even now, in our most desperate hour."

"Though the end days have come at last, and the sun falls for the last time beyond the dim horizon, we must still have hope, being that the unlikeliest of heroes and the greatest and most difficult of adventures can emerge from the darkest of days."


The gods are silent, and the people's desperate prayers of healing and aid go mysteriously unanswered. Rumors and talk of monstrous, horrific dragons killing anything in sight are whispered in taverns and pubs, with the added murmurs of draconic creatures that stand on two feet like a man followed close behind. 

When the elven capital of Lyrenbel is destroyed and half its population slaughtered, a chain of events suddenly brings together a disgraced knight, an old dwarf, a mage that hides his insecurities behind a mask of arrogance, a traumatized Sylvari and an orphaned Sylvanaar, and sets them forth on a path that none of them ever wanted to be on.

They are expected to be saviors, heroes that come from a child's bedtime story.

But they are not fighting against a normal dragon, or other mythical creature. 

They are fighting against an all powerful god.

They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders as they begin walking down their long and winding road, yet they will fight until the very end, despite the tension that grows between them with each passing day. Their chances of success are slim, and if they do succeed, they will not return as the same person. 

If they return at all.

***book 1 of three***
***this book is related to my other book, Heart of the Winter King, as it takes place in the same universe, but it can be read without it***

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