A vision of him

Tall, bright, and handsome standing in her presence

With flaws she saw a future with him

He warmed up to her and held her in his arms

Telling her how he was the only one who understands her

The only on who can show her this type of affection she always yearned for

He kissed her reaching deeper under her clothes

She know exactly where this is heading

That physical, painful punctuation that was in like a fashion

People steady asking "why you walking like that"

Thinks got ruff and she sucked it up

His little man stuck up so he finally had enough

Of the teasing and displeasing

He was ready to start her bleeding and to release his semen

Good night sleep because afterwards she was weak

Only to open her eyes and see the next morning he was gone

He got his and split, hit that and ditched, now she's love sick

And constantly eating chips, cookies, and cake

Wondering why all of a sudden she's gained so much weight

Eating away her pain "lord save me from t...