Charlie's Devil

Charlie's Devil

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*Can be read as a stand alone* 

"Charlotte Mason is the best type of conundrum. The harder you try not to fall for her, the harder you will end up falling."  

CIA special agent Charlotte Mason is used to getting the job done. 

Even if that means using the assistance of the sinfully sexy criminal she caught after 5 reckless years and basically agreeing to an adventure across the world with his company and his alone.

What could go wrong, right? 


"Tell me, Charlie," Frazier said, his voice gruff and low as he took up each millimetre of my personal space. "Tell me you want me to bend you over this desk right now. Tell me, beg me, Charlie, and I'll fuck you right here right now." 

I couldn't speak. So instead, I leaned on my tip toes and closed my lips onto his.

❗️- sign means mature chapter: not written by myself, but by @harderthanthat who is an angel. If you're uncomfortable with such scenes, do skip.

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