Silence [The Hunger Games]

Silence [The Hunger Games]

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Hayley Anderton By Hazzer123 Completed

[Watty Awards Winner 2013]

Traumatized by her brother's death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 41st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin...

(Note. All the way through this book and the sequel, The Chamber, it says that this is the 31st Games. I'm changing it to 41st because it plays a role in the third book. :D Also, if you like this, there is two more books to follow, The Chamber and Battleborn)

The picture, it looks like Thalia from Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters
- - Dec 12, 2015
I was reading the cast and saw Thomas Sangster and went all ASDFGHJKL
Hazzer123 Hazzer123 Jun 23, 2015
Ahhh, I hope you enjoy it anyway :D and its a poem I wrote :)
enchantedxquill enchantedxquill Jun 23, 2015
I have to admit, it'll be difficult for me to read because Kaya S. is casted in my FIC as the MC. But from the comments, I'm sure I'll love it! And also, is this passage from a song?
insanerthanyou insanerthanyou Apr 07, 2015
Both of these comments just made me really nervous because I'm about to read it but I'm also super stoked now because if it has made @jittery and @YourLocalTimeLord cry then it has to be a good book.
IAmCandi IAmCandi Mar 26, 2015
that was beautiful. Might sound weird or strange or gloomy but those are the briefest thoughts ever cause then you actually read it all the way through and you're like....."Fuc.......*dramatic pause*...... I'm free."
                              Can't wait to read this!