Everlasting Passion ✔️

Everlasting Passion ✔️

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🌈✨Rabia Sajal ✨🌈 By rabiasajalkh Updated 6 days ago


"Please Let go off me. What have I done. I don't even know you." I begged as I wiggled against his steel like grip around my shoulders.
Tears rolled down my eyes freely.

"Shhhh......everything will be okay soon,  love ." He whispered softly in my ear with malicious glint in his eyes.

My breathe hitched.

"No p-please I want to go to my Ami , Abu please." I begged crying hysterically as he released my shoulders and I backed a little. 

Why don't he listen ?

Allah please help me...........

"NO . And don't you dare take their name again or I won't think twice before making their permanent disappearance from your life forever." He said ruthlessly . 

How can someone be this cruel ?

"No pl-please no I-I am s-sorry." I sobbed as I tightly gripped my duppatta around my shoulders as his gaze now and then would fall on my exposed neck. 

He didn't said anything but brought his hand to my right cheek and caressed it lightly . I flinched at his touch and stepped back in horror.

He stepped forward and I looked at him with my very terrified watery eyes. He eyes darkened with unknown desires and he stepped a step closer to me .

"Plea-se this-s is haram . Don't you fear Allah. Please don't t-touch m-me please."
I sobbed harder and jerked as my back hit the cold wall .

Ami Abu I need you please.....

"Shhh don't cry my Hoor. We will soon make it halal. Very soon ." He said with mischievous glint in his predatory eyes.

"Please no......". I begged and begged.

"You are mine Hoor . Only mine.....remember that..... And I desire you .... I want to drop all the veils of decency and cross all the lines with you. Hoor all the lines. Mine, Only My Hoor."


There's a crime behind every treasure.

Adam khan, leader of a ferocious gang, Black Hole. He's deathly, ruthless , malicious , heartless but to someone particular he can be caring and loving . Only for her..... his Hooria Irfan ..... Only his.

A mafia love story....

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Phageus Phageus Jul 28
Don't know  why but I love this kind of stories and the description is awesome.
Ab-e-Hayat Ab-e-Hayat Jul 12
اسلام عليكم
                              I must say the description of your this story is very intriguing.  I am sure I will enjoy reading this. Thanks for  an amazing story.😊