This Isn't Easy {Klance Omegaverse}

This Isn't Easy {Klance Omegaverse}

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Sequel to I'm Not Easy {Klance Omegaverse/ HS AU}

After a very shocking development in their just seemingly stable relationship, Keith and Lance are faced with a whole new set of problems. With uncertainties about who to tell, and what they should do, the couple struggle to agree. Things only become more complicated with their futures on the line, and old figures once again rearing their ugly heads. Can they grow up fast enough to handle everything? 

(( DISCLAIMER! I do not own Voltron Legendary Defender or its characters, all rights belong to Dreamworks. The cover art is also not mine, credit goes to whoever made it.)) 

Oof... buckle your seatbelts, everyone.

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I’m not going through google for explanations so I’ll work off this lmao
                              This is the first omegaverse fanfic I’ve read, it’s only ever oneshots so this is good.
                              I got so addicted to this story that I would want to miss school for it
Rayrayc1203 Rayrayc1203 Jul 20
Please answer my probably very annoying question.  It’s bothering me.  Do female alphas have a second gender like male omegas do?  Like some sort of female dick?  Lol idk.
Planet_Lark Planet_Lark Sep 14
Did people not know that
                              Do you not know how children are born
Bambi1938 Bambi1938 Oct 05
Ohmygods author thank you so much! This whole explanation of how omegaverse works in really informative. I've always been confused about it, but you cleared whatever doubt I had. Again, thanks a bunch!
                              also it's called an Alternate Universe.
Lol “I can do anything better than you!” “No you can’t” “yes I can” “no you can’t” “yes I can!” No you can’t!” “YES I CAN YES I CAAAANNNN!”