G R A Y   M E M O R I E S | ✔️completed (edited by me!)

G R A Y M E M O R I E S | ✔️completed (edited by me!)

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Jas K🌞 By Jas-the-bookie Completed

" You only truly miss someone when they are gone. 
And sometimes, it's hard to let go.
But you have to let him go..."

It is hard when your loved one is gone. But for Riley, it was something different. In a sick sort of way, she loved it-reminiscing about Leo, literally drowning in the memories of him. And it isn't long till Riley does drown herself among those gray memories, shutting and shunning the world forever, in a place too far to reach. She is already so gone, that every one of her friends and family are very close to giving up, and on each tick of the clock Riley is close to letting go. Will a curious stranger's words save her, or will Riley try to save herself? 

*If you read the summary, and decided that it is some sort of typical clichè , I'd like to tell you that this is NOT a cliche 'damsel-in-distress-saved-by-a-knight-in-shining-armour' story at all. You won't find anything such as that, as the tags suggests too. But yes, there will be few moments of cliche.*

•Warning• : Things about suicide, self-harm, depression; contains kissing and cuss words-so read at your own risk 

And also, even though it's edited, it still can have few mistakes. So sorry for those errors!

Cover by me!

Trailer by carpe-di3m