~My Sweet and Funny One-Shots~

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April By FluffyBunny Updated 2 years ago
These are my PG13 oneshots. Since Wattpad marked all of my oneshots as Private, these were the only ones they would give back to me so that I could keep them on my page. All of them are in the LGBT category, mostly boyxboy. Enjoy! <3
    I will post a link on my about me to the first story on my privated oneshots. There, you should be able to read them all.
This is an amazing and touching poem, your sister is truly talented. This is very much how I feel...
Its so sad :''( , I honestly didn't see that one coming! 
I know how that feels. When people tell me that liking girls is just a faze or when they say that it's not right and that Christians can't be gay it hurts so much.
aawww thats sad but sweet in a way tell her i said cheer up
                                    society along with life is a b****
so sad! It sort of wished I didn't read that, now I'm all depressed :(
OH MY GOD! WHAT?! NOOOO!...why would you do this to me! I didn't even see that coming! I seriously cried out at my phone at the last part! Good story! Depressing T.T but good (: