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A Unexpected New Creepypasta (Sally)

A Unexpected New Creepypasta (Sally)

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Jazz and the Dreamer By Dragongirlofdreams Completed

Slenderman had a mission to do. He had to get rid of a reckless girl who has been killing too many humans even for his taste. If he recalls, the little girl was eight and named Sally Williams. Her story has been known as a horrible tragedy, she was raped and murdered by her own uncle. Slenderman shook his head in disgust, 'Some humans are more horrible than me' thought Slenderman. He had to get rid of the her before humans start to hunting her down then try hunting the others in the mansion. Even though they were good in hiding the evidence of their victims. They still made mistakes and been seen by humans. The girl has been killing any families that moved into 'her house' and it's been getting worst as days past by. Slenderman made himself 'invisible' but he actually just blended into the environment so he doesn't get  seen by any humans who are in the forest. Stupid humans probably looking for his notes or to see if they can get a video of Masky or Hoody.

"I thought I told you to ta...

about99dounts about99dounts Feb 27, 2016
wait isn't jeff the killer jane the killer ben drowned all humans? and slender looks like a devil human like WHY SALLY SHE DID NOTHING TO YOU SLENDER MAN
about99dounts about99dounts Feb 27, 2016
- - Dec 13, 2015
                              I'm late for reading this but this story is creative and just plain awesome
Dragongirlofdreams Dragongirlofdreams Apr 25, 2014
Thanks at least i know im doing a good job on this and yeah... im bad at grammar. i've been trying to get better. sorry about that. But Thanks for commenting and i'll try to improve my grammar.
jesse2131 jesse2131 Apr 25, 2014
Wow if it weren't for the grammatical mistakes I would consider this creepypasta one of my top 10